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    Wedding jewelry collection from Opera Italiana: emotional luxury

    For centuries man has chosen the jewellery with diamonds to win the woman’s heart because of its brilliance and unparalleled beauty. With diamonds today you can realize classic rings, from solitary to Trilogy, even the tennis bracelets, necklaces and earrings, in short, a whole range of diamond jewelry that enhance the wonderful qualities of the diamond itself.

    jewellery with diamonds from Opera Italiana is a perfect combination of diamonds and precious materials becoming an exclusive and emotional luxury. Surprise your wife with an unexpected gift: the wonder of his eyes will be your reward! Choose your gift and feel the love shared in bridal collection from Opera Italiana Jewellery: excited to select the object the most elegant, beautiful and original jewels.
    All our articles in the diamonds section from Opera Italiana Jewellery collection are offered at prices impossible to find online with certification of the stones and shipping insurance for your assurance.  


    Italian jewelry from iconic brands

    Opera Italiana Jewellery and brands recognized all over the world for its excellence are working together to create new standards of handmade jewelry production. We represent our selection of Italian jewelry from designers essential for everyone who follows fashion hottest trend at the moment. The new fashion jewellery in our online store expresses strong identity and personality to match most exquisite personal taste.

    Our Italian Jewelry collection represents the brands that create real fashion accessories to change and match your clothing, to complete your look and highlight your unique charm. Handmade jewels can perfectly underline your good taste: you will not pass unnoticed. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, fashion rings that does not fear being important and visible will supply you with original and unique traits.

    Designers and brands represented in our Italian jewelry collection create exclusive and prestigious heritage combining Made in Italy quality and handmade manufacturing. If you are looking for something special, our selection of brands will leave you nothing to be desired. Browse the Opera Italiana Jewellery’s proposal catalogue and choose in peace your perfect Italian jewellery from world known brands. Our online shop will help you to discover new feelings when feeling unwrapping the package and admiring your exclusive handmade jewellery!


    Unusual vintage jewellery

    The subject of special pride, handcrafted jewelry from Opera Italiana is manufactured by iconic brands from local vintage jewellery sector. Among them you can find both local and world known names offering unusual jewellery, all united by passion for beauty and desire to create individual, authentic images. Our online shop offers a unique collection of vintage costume jewelry to satisfy the most sophisticated taste of your beloved one.

    Unique jewelry underlines personality traits reflecting unusual style and character of the owner. We gathered the most interesting brands having innovation and originality in their DNA and offering a wide range of handcrafted unusual jewelry. From rings to bracelets, from earrings to necklaces, from pendants to key rings, there are many examples of unique jewellery to discover. Online catalogue of vintage costume jewellery from Opera Italiana provides you with opportunity to select between shapes, colors, combinations of really unusual materials.

    Carefully selected handcrafted unique jewellery is perfectly suitable for a woman with a strong personality, who does not care about fashion, but creates for herself its own style. Our costume jewelry is for a woman who likes to try new solutions avoiding the invitation approval of the more commercial, a woman who likes vintage and has a strong curiosity to reinvent herself every day.

    Never banal and obvious, Opera Italiana Jewelry is enough unusual, versatile and unique to transform the look of who wears it. Handicraft techniques are combined with unique materials chosen with great care: silver and gold, semiprecious natural stones, finely crafted metal inserts are assembled in order to create unusual designs and surprising color effects.

    Costume jewelry and vintage design are perfectly synthesized in a selection of precious and unique items available on our online shop. Rings are set by important frames, with wavy, braided and chiseled, certainly supplied with impactful, precious stones. Pendants are able to frame the face in a very unusual way: shiny metals with complex machining have approached pendants bright colors such as turquoise, coral or pearl white. The same associations of materials and colors can also be found in necklaces with an opportunity to wear the vintage jewels both in a coordinated and easy manner. Bracelets share the same eccentric taste about unusual jewellery offering a wide choice between bangles or flexible link, brightly colored or monochrome, full of charms or linear.

    We offer you an exclusive pleasure to discover our vintage catalog of jewelry, to get inspiration from countless proposals and choose handcrafted jewels that express your personality and unique style.


    The exchange of wedding rings will remain one of the most striking and unforgettable moments of your life: This simple gesture of the exchange of double marriages besides being extremely emotional, takes on high-value and profile meanings, are promised for eternal love and sealed the immense love that fills the hearts of the two spouses.
    The wedding rings offered by Opera Italiana Jewelery are selected among the most prestigious brands of oriental made in italy, because such a special moment as your wedding deserves only the best.


    Premium 925 Silver Jewellery Made in Italy

    One of the particular features of Italian silver jewellery tradition is extensive use of precious materials of highest standard including 925 silver. An ancient and precious material, silver has always been used to make jewellery and ornaments due to its flexibility, which allows you to shape it into every new forms and lines, and its color and shine that make it ideal for high color combinations effect.

    Italian silver jewelry from Opera Italiana represents exquisite combination of highest standards and Made in Italy quality. You can choose from rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants with exclusive design and superior value only on our online shop. We offer items that meet every taste, from products with simple and pure lines up to silver jewellery with stronger visual impact.

    Even color games obtained with the combination of precious natural stones make these silver jewellery unique items with authentic design. Opportunities are given to the use of turquoise, topaz, amber, amethyst, pearls, embraced by 925 silver shaped and chiseled with great professionalism.

    Opera Italiana Jewellery also proposes limited edition jewelry in silver: for example the gold baths give the metal a new color and a new gloss to rise always different and unusual solutions.
    Are you looking for something in particular? Browse our catalogue of jewelry in silver online and you will find the right accessory to emphasize your look, underline its elegance and sophistication or find more sporty and exciting items. You will surely find a jewel capable of reflecting most sophisticated character.

    Attention to detail, selection of raw materials and fine workmanship distinguish the marks of the entire production of silver jewellery Made in Italy. The quality of the products made of 925 silver is also attested in the guarantee of Opera Italiana Jewellery that accompanied every item.
    Taste our splendid mixture of precious metals and exclusive design in our Italian collection of silver jewelry available in Opera Italiana online store.


    Come and discover Our Men's Jewelry that speaks "Men world"
    You will find a large and varied collection of men's jewelery from the more classic and stylish to the more sporty and casual ones you can wear at any time to enrich your outfits. Even in the male wardrobe, these small accessories are able to give a stylish and special touch by highlighting who wears them. The creations to choose from, are very varied and you can find the model that best suits your style and personality.
    In the field of men's jewelery, the fashion brand proposal is really very wide: it's easy, then, to wear the right accessory at any time. the yangesters, for example, can have fun with necklaces, rings and bracelets enriched with decorations and inspirational fingers such as the proposals of UNO DE 50 and the translucent look or jewelery made of innovative and affordable materials such as AMEN collections. The mature man on the other hand, can find the right jewelery between the collections of SALVINI and ZANCAN, characterized by minimal lines and precious materials such as silver, gold and hard stones, to get jewelery for modern man and Fashion that always wants to keep up with fashion, this trend has been welcomed in brand collections such as Maria Cristina Sterling and Aragonesi.
    Accessories such as men's jewelery should be chosen with extreme care: these are patterns to wear to enhance your outfits. That is why we have carefully chosen the most popular brands such as Salvini, Zancan, Aragonesi, UNO 50, Maria Cristina Sterling and Amen.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 78 items