Diamond ring prices: affordable luxury

In our times of exceptional possibilities, diamond ring with price you can afford yourself: the gift of love par excellence! Opera Italiana Jewellery offers an extensive collection of cheap diamond rings: the magnificent solitary to Trilogy, from rings to fancy, Eternity or rivers.

Since ever the diamond ...

Diamond ring prices: affordable luxury

In our times of exceptional possibilities, diamond ring with price you can afford yourself: the gift of love par excellence! Opera Italiana Jewellery offers an extensive collection of cheap diamond rings: the magnificent solitary to Trilogy, from rings to fancy, Eternity or rivers.

Since ever the diamond jewelry is all over the world a wonderful and magical gift of love, nowadays available at affordable prices: certainly nothing makes a woman happier than to receive a jewel ring! Precious ring is connected to a series of emotions and feelings that speak wisely - love.
Made by Italian goldsmiths with a meticulous craftsmanship, diamond ring is a product of Italian excellence that is exported worldwide offering highest quality, exclusivity and fair prices.

Buying a precious ring in Opera Italiana Jewellery online shop means offering your woman what is best online. Discover our collection and choose cheap diamond ring at reasonable price to demonstrate your deep love giving a breath of eternity!


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    Diamond solitaire rings to remember the moments

    Solitaire diamond ring – valuable symbol of choice and memorable accessory to feel the connection with your beloved one and remember the value of moments.   Our collection of diamond solitaire rings is perfectly symbolizing timeless: any woman, since she was a child, dreams to receive a gift so precious and meaningful. Given to declare the beginning of a marriage proposal or engagement, the significance of the solitaire ring with diamond is rooted in time.    The same materials that make up, gold and diamonds introject the meaning of engagement and eternal love. Gold is a resistant metal, incorruptible but also malleable and ductile. Diamond is the most pure and hard natural stone in nature. They are the best representatives of a feeling that assumes engagement characteristics eternity, strength, purity.    In addition to their substance, gold and diamonds symbolize love also in their aesthetic beauty: created by the great energy of the Earth, it seems that they want to return it in the form of pure light, the same light that cloaks and distinguishes two people deeply in love.   Opera Italiana Jewellery diamond ring collection offers a wide choice for your solitaire; each ring is made by a selection of the best Italian goldsmiths who pursue perfection in their creations. The high quality, with attention to detail and the careful study of the design are the distinctive features of each product, attested by a certificate of the manufacturer's warranty.   Generally, diamond solitaire rings for engagement are characterized by a frame that embraces and enhances the precious stone, attached to it by means of four brands. The shape of the frame and brands marks particular style of every model. Soft and enveloping frames, asymmetrical and turned, they have the common purpose to enhance maximum brightness of the solitaire.    In addition to classic engagement rings with four brands, Opera Italiana Jewellery also offers a modern style with only three brands to give the solitaire rings a nearly triangular and a sophisticated flavor.    Discover the complete selection of solitaire rings with diamond on Opera Italiana Jewellery online store.


    Diamond eternity ring is forever

    A diamond eternity ring or an engagement ring - these are all objects that symbolize eternal love since ever, seal on a bond to life. Diamond engagement ring is as precious and enduring as the materials used: white gold and diamonds are symbolic, top quality precious ingredients of a jewelry masterpiece.

    Opera Italiana Jewellery offers an essential selection of diamond eternity rings to symbolize your engagement or wedding with eternal materials and beauty. The diamond is the perfect symbol of eternity because it is the hardest and most resistant mineral which exists in nature, as well as durable and resistant to any difficulties providing the sentiment that binds two people who decide to spend their lives together. On the other hand gold is incorruptible, solid and unassailable but also pure, malleable and ductile representing characteristics that may well represent the deeper feeling of love. The type of Eternity diamond proposal by Opera Italiana Jewellery is perfectly suiting such symbolic context, providing the ideal gift for engagements and anniversaries.

    Our online store provides a wide choice of engagement rings in various styles. Each is characterized by a mix of design and originality making it exclusive and refined. The Eternity diamond band offers a sequence of stones that covers half of the ring, while in the band diamonds embellish in the entire circumference of the jewel, framing the whole finger. In this latest version gemstones may be of a constant size or changing in dimension. These eternity rings are distinguished by a frame that embraces and supports five diamonds. Like all products of Opera Italiana Jewellery, rings and even Eternity diamond is accompanied by a certificate of warranty ensuring the quality of materials and workmanship. The production of each ring is strictly Made in Italy, in compliance with the most serious quality standards.
    Do not wait any longer - express your love in eternity with a diamond ring from Opera Italiana Jewellery!


    Fantasy diamond ring combines precious stones with gold to enhance the richness and beauty of these two materials. Ideal for expressing your taste, your different and particular style, unique and incomparable with a generous creation to wear for special occasions or when you like.
    The value of forms, the prosperity of the materials, the exaggeration of the design are combined in the selection online that Opera Italiana Jewellery has done for you.
    Fantasy Rings diamond proposed are the result of the refinement and the skillful work of important goldsmiths craft absolute made in Italy to present a certified and guaranteed product, original, unique and beautiful. Discover the feeling of wearing a fancy diamond ring on your finger: you will feel really like a princess of fairy tales that you read when you were a child.
    What are you waiting for buying a fancy ring with diamonds in the online store Opera Italiana Jewellery!


    A diamond ring trilogy embodies the time: three precious stones, three diamonds that mean yesterday, today and tomorrow, the totality of time spent together by a man and a woman.   Given to your loved one, a diamond ring trilogy expresses this meaning: I loved you yesterday, I love you today, I will love you tomorrow, a confirmation and a promise of eternal love and timeless.  Forged by fire and by the energy of the earth, gold and diamonds come together in an embrace of light that has no equal looking in the eyes of the only one person you’re in love with and that remains unchanged despite the passing years.
    The very characteristics of gold and diamonds are the perfect symbol of love: incorruptible, unassailable but still ductile at first the extreme purity, then hardness and shine.  A jewel like the trilogy diamond ring could not miss in the range of products offered in the online store Opera Italiana Jewellery.
    Powered by goldsmiths expression of the best Italian craftsmanship, each ring is a small masterpiece of design. High quality, attention to detail, meticulous workmanship are the trademark of all creations, attested by a certificate of the manufacturer's warranty that accompanies them.
    The different models are distinguished by the shape of the frame and the brands that support and enhance the precious stones: full-bodied, or soft and embracing lines that seem to lay the diamonds directly on the skin, or even embroidered with small hearts that reaffirm the feeling they want to express.
    Diamonds can be combined with each other in sequence, or, thanks to the design of the frames, can be distributed vertically, as if to aspire more space to reveal their beauty.  Buy a diamond ring trilogy of Opera Italiana Jewellery means choosing the best for their loved one. Fill her with your heart giving a timeless ring!

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Showing 1 - 30 of 342 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 342 items