Unusual vintage jewellery

The subject of special pride, handcrafted jewelry from Opera Italiana is manufactured by iconic brands from local vintage jewellery sector. Among them you can find both local and world known names offering unusual jewellery, all united by passion for beauty and desire to create individual, authentic images. Our online ...

Unusual vintage jewellery

The subject of special pride, handcrafted jewelry from Opera Italiana is manufactured by iconic brands from local vintage jewellery sector. Among them you can find both local and world known names offering unusual jewellery, all united by passion for beauty and desire to create individual, authentic images. Our online shop offers a unique collection of vintage costume jewelry to satisfy the most sophisticated taste of your beloved one.

Unique jewelry underlines personality traits reflecting unusual style and character of the owner. We gathered the most interesting brands having innovation and originality in their DNA and offering a wide range of handcrafted unusual jewelry. From rings to bracelets, from earrings to necklaces, from pendants to key rings, there are many examples of unique jewellery to discover. Online catalogue of vintage costume jewellery from Opera Italiana provides you with opportunity to select between shapes, colors, combinations of really unusual materials.

Carefully selected handcrafted unique jewellery is perfectly suitable for a woman with a strong personality, who does not care about fashion, but creates for herself its own style. Our costume jewelry is for a woman who likes to try new solutions avoiding the invitation approval of the more commercial, a woman who likes vintage and has a strong curiosity to reinvent herself every day.

Never banal and obvious, Opera Italiana Jewelry is enough unusual, versatile and unique to transform the look of who wears it. Handicraft techniques are combined with unique materials chosen with great care: silver and gold, semiprecious natural stones, finely crafted metal inserts are assembled in order to create unusual designs and surprising color effects.

Costume jewelry and vintage design are perfectly synthesized in a selection of precious and unique items available on our online shop. Rings are set by important frames, with wavy, braided and chiseled, certainly supplied with impactful, precious stones. Pendants are able to frame the face in a very unusual way: shiny metals with complex machining have approached pendants bright colors such as turquoise, coral or pearl white. The same associations of materials and colors can also be found in necklaces with an opportunity to wear the vintage jewels both in a coordinated and easy manner. Bracelets share the same eccentric taste about unusual jewellery offering a wide choice between bangles or flexible link, brightly colored or monochrome, full of charms or linear.

We offer you an exclusive pleasure to discover our vintage catalog of jewelry, to get inspiration from countless proposals and choose handcrafted jewels that express your personality and unique style.


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    You can choose the special bracelets in the store of Opera Italiana Jewellery to affirm your uniqueness, your diversity from the crowd, your style 'discordant'. A wide range of styles, shapes, colours to offer you a wider choice to meet your original character.
    The bracelets handmade selected for you by Opera Italiana Jewellery are made by master goldsmiths entirely in Italy, for the wrist a jewel of high quality that captures the attention and serves to differentiate.
    Exclusive materials and innovative blend with the refinement of the design to provide a cuff that avoids conformism and adorns your wrist with something really unconventional.
    The aesthetics and style of the classic jewel wrist are altered and completely revolutionized thanks to natural stones and frames in silver, bronze and leather in very special styles.
    No particular taste will be disappointed by the proposals in the online store; what are you waiting for? Do not follow the crowd, choose an unconventional bracelet!


    A pair of special earrings, original and unusual proves an important accessory for a woman with a strong personality, determined, a woman who challenged herself every day and create from time to time her own style, without following the dictates of fashion.
    The online store of Opera Italiana Jewellery choosing special earrings is really wide. The company, with its long experience in the Italian goldsmith, selected workshops of jewelery of high quality and unique design, beyond the standards of mass production. Always being careful to every detail, the study of shapes, the precision of the workmanship, they give life to all small masterpieces to wear.
    The unusual colour compositions are the leading components of the range of special proposed earrings: wide space in turquoise, pearls, quartz, agate, coral, and many other natural precious stones in vivid colors assembled in a collage by ethnic flavours, sparkling descending along the neck to embellish your face, follow the features and accompany the movements.
    The metals that enhance the stones, molded into unusual shapes, ranging from brass to bronze to silver, the last one in its natural colour or coloured with gold, burnished or with hammered work.
    Like all products of Opera Italiana Jewellery, also the quality of the pendants of this unconventional line is guaranteed by the manufacturer.
    Buying in the online shop is really easy: just consult the pages dedicated to each article, displaying information about the workshops of production, the characteristics of the materials and workmanship of pendants, their price, and then choose the earrings that is more in line with your own personality.
    The secure and reliable payments are possible in many ways to satisfy all customer requirements, as well as insured are also shipments.
    Just a little wish come true by giving you a pair of earrings really original.


    Great creations by the best Italian goldsmiths are a part of the collection of craft necklaces are proposed by Opera Italiana Jewellery in the online store.
    They are characterized by high quality of meticulous work, great care in the selection of materials and their colour combination, an attention to detail that only actually experienced artisan can provide.
    Opera Italiana Jewellery offers a range of very special necklaces that are not very unnoticed, gliding on the décolleté characterizing strongly the style of who it wears. Styles, shapes and colours referre to women with a strong personality, women who do not follow the dictates of fashion but are themselves agents of their own look, without any fear to talk about themselves and their eccentricity.
    The natural stones of these handcrafted necklaces, with their bright colours and determined, have a leading role, whether in individual collections of charms or pendants: turquoise, pearls, amethyst, amber, coral, agate follow in swirls of colour always unpublished.
    The metals used to make these precious ranging from silver, in its natural colour or in gold bath, brass, bronze: expertly shaped by the hands of goldsmiths, become an element design.
    The hangings take many forms: from the drops in small animals such as dragonflies, owls, frogs, cats stylized, but also hearts, stars, flowers and cameos, until you get to particular elements as keys of treasure or peppers, or even by the strong symbolism as crosses and crowns.
    For women who do not renounce to express joy and happiness you can also find special necklaces with pendants that reproduce toys, like clowns, or evoking memories of their childhood like hot air balloons and small circus seals.
    Just as there is no lack of necklaces like those from ethnic gypsy-style, full of pendants in the shape of money that, in addition to being seen, also emerge for the sound which accompanies the steps of the wearer.
    To enhance your personality choose one of the many proposals of Opera Italiana Jewellery!


    If you want to express your personality outside the common things wearing special rings, then the online store of Opera Italiana Jewellery is the place for you.
    The shape, size, colour of a ring can indeed help you to understand the style of a person, even before you know it. Opera Italiana Jewellery, in his almost thirty years of experience in the field of high Italian jewelery , has selected a range of particular and original rings, made by goldsmiths that are an expression of the best tradition of craftsmanship made in Italy.
    All are characterized by great attention to detail, from precise and meticulous machining, high quality materials and exclusive design.
    The innovative line of rings, designed for women who shun the patterns traced by mode and intend to express the freedom their lifestyles, are characterized by deliberately unconventional forms and bold color combinations.
    Those who love the colour of natural precious stones will not be disappointed by the proposals they see made in silver, bronze or brass support almost triumphantly quartz, amber, amethyst, coloured crystals for rings that really special. Even the pearls have a leading role in this line of rings: their beauty is enhanced in a revolutionary way compared to the canons of classical jewel style. In fact, the light source is supported by frames and unconventional shapes: spirals, concentric circles or shapes that recall ancient jewelry.
    Finally, there are rings that appear to "steal" the form of everyday objects to reduce it to element design framing your fingers: here then rings in the shape of a belt or reproducing a metropolitan skyline in miniature.
    Even the most conformist spirit will wonder of unusual rings offered by Opera Italiana Jewellery, always counting on certified quality standards and guaranteed.
    Distinguish yourself from the crowd by choosing an unconventional ring in the store online.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 326 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 326 items