Premium 925 Silver Jewellery Made in Italy

One of the particular features of Italian silver jewellery tradition is extensive use of precious materials of highest standard including 925 silver. An ancient and precious material, silver has always been used to make jewellery and ornaments due to its flexibility, which allows you to shape it into e...

Premium 925 Silver Jewellery Made in Italy

One of the particular features of Italian silver jewellery tradition is extensive use of precious materials of highest standard including 925 silver. An ancient and precious material, silver has always been used to make jewellery and ornaments due to its flexibility, which allows you to shape it into every new forms and lines, and its color and shine that make it ideal for high color combinations effect.

Italian silver jewelry from Opera Italiana represents exquisite combination of highest standards and Made in Italy quality. You can choose from rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants with exclusive design and superior value only on our online shop. We offer items that meet every taste, from products with simple and pure lines up to silver jewellery with stronger visual impact.

Even color games obtained with the combination of precious natural stones make these silver jewellery unique items with authentic design. Opportunities are given to the use of turquoise, topaz, amber, amethyst, pearls, embraced by 925 silver shaped and chiseled with great professionalism.

Opera Italiana Jewellery also proposes limited edition jewelry in silver: for example the gold baths give the metal a new color and a new gloss to rise always different and unusual solutions.
Are you looking for something in particular? Browse our catalogue of jewelry in silver online and you will find the right accessory to emphasize your look, underline its elegance and sophistication or find more sporty and exciting items. You will surely find a jewel capable of reflecting most sophisticated character.

Attention to detail, selection of raw materials and fine workmanship distinguish the marks of the entire production of silver jewellery Made in Italy. The quality of the products made of 925 silver is also attested in the guarantee of Opera Italiana Jewellery that accompanied every item.
Taste our splendid mixture of precious metals and exclusive design in our Italian collection of silver jewelry available in Opera Italiana online store.


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    Silver ring for women is a perfect way to underline female individuality and active lifestyle, concluding personal image with unique design and precious metal of highest standards. Thanks to its flexibility, silver is worked by the skilled hands of master goldsmiths and selected carefully in Perugia for silver ring production, and assumes every different shape rising to masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship.

    Always definitive and original, Opera Italiana Jewellery offers silver wedding rings for women and men both iconic and unique. Items in our ring collection will probably meet any personal taste, like the rosary rings set with precious stones on the circumference or on the side band. Some items allow you to reproduce the classic rosary necklace, in silver’s natural color or with gold bath and dark stones.

    Great space is given to silver ring's band that frames the entire finger. The decorations are largely based on the natural world, representing small animals or reproducing aquatic plants’ forms, such as corals, and flowers that exhibit vainly the heart of a precious colored stone. For those who prefer definitive looks, Opera Italiana Jewellery offers a line of silver rings that really cannot be unnoticed. Opera Italiana introduces frames with important carvings complex, built in the classic color of silver or gold baths, accommodate a single big natural stone enhancing the color, or a puzzle of small stones to create an intense tone-on-tone color effect.

    There is an entire collection for pearls to appreciate, especially if revisited in a new way: when white light point is highlighted by a swirl of colors and forms taken from spirals and concentric circles of the precious and natural silver metal. There will only be the embarrass of choice: if you’re looking to underline original and strong, man or woman personality, wedding ring in silver from Opera Italiana Jewellery is the choice for you.


    The silver pendants are ideal for enhancing your cleavage and Opera Italiana Jewellery offers in its own online store several interesting proposals selected especially for you: to express the grace, elegance and harmony …
    The silver pendants adorn your chain and they can be changed as you like: they talk about you, your style, your personality. The proposed models are various and range from the simplest to the most important ones, from very elegant to those determinate with effect.
    Silver, a ductile and bright material, produces always new and original pendants and combines itself perfectly with other materials such as hard stones that add that touch of extra colour.
    So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a silver pendant to express your particular taste, the store of Opera Italiana Jewellery is the place for you.


    Opera Italiana Jewellery offers a refined collection of silver bracelets for women in different designs and price categories. Usually a bracelet in silver or gold is the first jewellery that many women receive as a present. Its popularity, good taste and common use made women bracelets a protagonist ornament in the collections presented on Opera Italiana online store.

    The choice of silver bracelets offered by our online shop will satisfy any taste: polished, enameled, hammered, rigid, full of charms or linear, there are many lines including the item that best fits your personality. You can find suggestions for sober women - refined and elegant jewellery that reflects more eccentric and unconventional lifestyles.

    Every woman bracelet is united by an emphasis on quality of work and appropriate choice of materials including a precise study of combinations of shapes and colors. This way every silver bracelet provides a real expression of the best crafts made in Italy. Silver can be machined to save its natural color or may be subjected to gold baths in order to obtain special chromatic effects and brightness.

    Wide space is given to the lucky charm bracelets for women, including charms or decorations with symbols of good wishes as horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, and owls. Some of these bracelets are also made with special combinations between silver and leather bands that are wound on the wrist in three turns. Another version is dedicated to births including pendants in the shape of pacifier and blue or pink coloring of the skin. Special line of silver bracelets represent the silver act as a mere adhesive element to compose natural precious stones bold colors: the result is a jewel with surprising color effects and forms.

    In addition to classic bracelets for inventive women, Opera Italiana Jewellery online store offers rigid band in slave model, realized with a hammer, crocodile or snake effect, or with sophisticated carvings. There are some male items to be discovered on our online store.


    Silver necklace from Opera Italiana collection will not only equip you with exclusive accessory but also vest you with individual traits reflecting your personal style and character.

    Our silver necklace collection perfectly reflects goldsmith’s tradition of Italian craftsmanship. The brightness and flexibility allows to obtain really original and elegant necklace image: perfect to brighten your face and your chest. Opera Italiana collection includes a wide range of exclusive designs and variations: from classic to the most elaborate, from only silver to colored ones. Necklaces in silver from Perugia’s company are refined and elegant so you will certainly not go unnoticed.

    Precious silver of highest standard and exclusive Made in Italy design create a luxurious fusion described by every necklace item. Our collection will tell everything about you, your tastes and your personality: sometimes simple, sometimes aggressive, they always affect. You have a lot of space of choice: if you’re looking for a very original necklace with a strong identity then Opera Italiana Jewellery is the online store for you.


    Silver earrings from Opera Italiana unite exclusiveness of Italian handmade jewelry, value of high quality precious jewels and functionality of silver. Particular attention to elaboration of silver provide Opera Italiana earrings with an ability to frame the oval form, reflecting the light and attract the viewer's attention on the person wearing them. Natural light of earrings made of silver will bring the face very special brightness.

    There's something for every taste, from the simplest and elegant, characterized by essential lines, to those with visual impact, able to score the look. Opera Italiana Earrings are all distinctly original and innovative, with unique identity typical of the quality production of Italian’s handcrafted gold.

    Meticulous precision of the workmanship, careful selection of materials, study of shapes and colors make it a true expression of earrings design. Made in the form of pendant, Opera Italiana earrings are available in the color of natural silver, burnished or worked with gold baths to play with the brightness variations.

    A wide range of earring forms depends on the style of the product lines.
    A particularly sober line, refined and elegant suggests drop-shaped or leaf adorned earrings with shiny zircons and points of color offered by natural stones like topaz, amber, and amethyst. More earrings evoke natural elements like flowers, butterflies, corals. Particular earrings types denote a decidedly ethnic flavor, taking the features of jewellery gypsies or ancient Rome, rich in precious stones, high quality silver and pendants that accompany the movements of the person are as well heard as seen.

    A definitive line of silver earrings encloses a heart of pearl; here the metal is only used as a glue to create beautiful compositions of precious natural stones with splendid colors. You just need to emerge in the beauty of these precious and choose the one that will decorate your face.


    Giovanni Raspini is an excellence of the Italian goldsmith panorama, one of the most famous brand of made in Italy, and precisely made in Tuscany. The company for almost fifty years is specialized in the production of silverware: its products are entirely handmade in Italy and express to the best the accuracy and the manufacturing ability of our country.
    The Raspini Gioielli brand, known for its originality, strong creative connotation, craftsmanship and attention to detail, is born at the hand of its creative genius, architect Giovanni Raspini, who designs his creations in his villa of ' 500 set in the Tuscan hills.
    Also the successful collections of Raspini are Charms and Animalier, small pendants that can enrich bracelets and necklaces customizing them as desired. Rigorously in silver, their shapes are inspired by the animal and floral world: you can choose among marine creatures like dolphins, starfish or shells, or spell between lucky symbols such as ladybirds, small owls, quill, or even dragonflies, Butterflies, turtles.
    Brooches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings Raspini Jewelries are characterized by their indisputable identity: they are noticed, distinguished, remember, talk about you, your personality, reward you, are obvious, important, never trivial.
    The artifacts of this line can enhance the natural and brilliant silver color with Swarovsky crystal inserts and stones, or they can be made with a golden bath that makes sophisticated and particular creation. The decorations are based on the world of nature: flowers, small animals, shapes reminiscent of marine corals, workmanships and chisels that reproduce the design of amphibious skins.
    Giovanni Raspini jewels make women fall in love all over the world, and as he himself would say, "beautiful things have a soul and speak to those who listen to it."
    In the online store you can choose from a wide selection of Raspini jewelery and make purchasing safely.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 1637 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 1637 items