Italian jewelry from iconic brands

Opera Italiana Jewellery and brands recognized all over the world for its excellence are working together to create new standards of handmade jewelry production. We represent our selection of Italian jewelry from designers essential for everyone who follows fashion hottest trend at the moment. The new fashion ...

Italian jewelry from iconic brands

Opera Italiana Jewellery and brands recognized all over the world for its excellence are working together to create new standards of handmade jewelry production. We represent our selection of Italian jewelry from designers essential for everyone who follows fashion hottest trend at the moment. The new fashion jewellery in our online store expresses strong identity and personality to match most exquisite personal taste.

Our Italian Jewelry collection represents the brands that create real fashion accessories to change and match your clothing, to complete your look and highlight your unique charm. Handmade jewels can perfectly underline your good taste: you will not pass unnoticed. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, fashion rings that does not fear being important and visible will supply you with original and unique traits.

Designers and brands represented in our Italian jewelry collection create exclusive and prestigious heritage combining Made in Italy quality and handmade manufacturing. If you are looking for something special, our selection of brands will leave you nothing to be desired. Browse the Opera Italiana Jewellery’s proposal catalogue and choose in peace your perfect Italian jewellery from world known brands. Our online shop will help you to discover new feelings when feeling unwrapping the package and admiring your exclusive handmade jewellery!


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    The bracelets and necklaces 10 Buoni Propositi are beautiful, original and transforme duty into pleasure: they are close to you to remind you of your aim, so you do not lose sight of your purpose. They especially remember the things you wish to achieve, but that in reality are always sent back tomorrow! From diet to need more relax, by saving more to carve out more time for themselves ...
    You can always wear them: in the office, during the sports or swimming in the sea, thanks to the absolute durability of the materials used.
    The jewels 10 Buoni Propositi are entirely made in Italy, and position themselves as a world fashion product of high quality at an affordable price (29,90€ bracelet, necklace 39,90€).
    All jewellery 10 Buoni Propositi are made stainless steel hypoallergenic, nickel free by skilled craftsmen, heirs to a long tradition in the production of manual jewellery.
    Opera Italiana Jewellery offers in its online store the full range of bracelets and necklaces 10 Buoni Propositi.
    Give or purchase for you a jewel 10 Buoni Propositi!

  • AMEN

    An Amen bracelet you can always take with you or give it with your heart to a loved one a message of faith, sacred words that contain a memory, an emotion or a deep feeling united to the own life.
    This is exactly the Amen Jewel’s brand mission: communicate something intimate and personal as faith, an inexplicable and unconditional force that turns into love for others, a universal love that everyone wants to share with his beloved.
    The brand was founded in 2012 by the idea of ​​Amen John Licastro: wanting to create a jewellery made of words, he has decided to start the prayers that since young aged mom and dad taught us and that are still indelible in the memory.
    The message of faith communicates a sense of belonging but also hope, joy, comfort and protection.
    The online store of Opera Italiana Jewellery is a wide range of Amen bracelets, all made with the highest quality materials.
    They are characterized by being composed with a strip of leather in which length are engraved the words of prayers as the Hail Mary or Our Father, in Italian or Latin, strap that wraps around the wrist several times and that closes with an innovative magnetic steel closure.
    Available in multiple colours, they can also be embellished with charms that portray sacred images and religious symbols like small crosses.
    The Amen jewellery, refined in the bill, in addition to the deep message that they contain within themselves, they also become a fashion accessory suitable for women as for men.
    Buying an Amen jewel of the collection from the online store Opera Italiana Jewellery is easy and safe.
    Do not wait any longer, offering words of hope to those around you, give them an Amen jewel!


    Gerba is a company that produces beautiful jewelery with stones: man and woman bracelets with precious stones such as malachite, tiger eye, turquoise african, agate, onyx and bone. The Gerba fashion accessories are made of metal or silver according to the models.
    On Opera Italiana Jewellery there are many Gerba bracelets and accessories to choose from in a different style to create an original look at every occasion. Gerba jewelery fits perfectly to different outfits: from the sporty clothing to the elegant gown.
    Choose your favorite bracelet or gift it to your heart as a birthday gift, graduation gift. Gerba is for dynamic man and woman who know how to stand and love to be original!


    Opera Italiana Jewellery has chosen to widely represent the brand Le Carose in their online jewellery assortment and costume jewellery crafted in line with the corporate goal of bringing out special Italian creations, niche products out of the context of the business crowd proposals.
    Le Carose necklaces and earring recognize at first view: they are characterized by small-dolls jewel that serve as pendants, made with unusual materials and quality.
    They are designed by the stylist and designer Toco D'Encanto and produced in the land of Salento: they absorb its colours, the shapes, their bright and solar light identity.
    All Carose are original, colourful, always different, attention to the least detail. The materials used are all top quality, meticulously selected: from silver to aluminum, from brass to natural stone. All processes are detailed and precise and make each Carosa an unique and inimitable element.
    To protect the exclusivity of each piece of jewellery, the mark is registered at Patent and Trademark Office.
    The bright and cheerful earrings of the Gold collection are made of laminated gold metal with coloured stones and a flower that adorns the waist of the doll.
    The necklaces are all different, each is a unique piece featuring combinations of materials and colours always original: lace, fabric, lace, beads, stones, enamels, miniatures of objects and metal accessories that adorn the dolls and jewellery that are the jewels themselves.
    Some dolls have highly stylized forms, in which there is a stone that serves as the face of the doll, while others are characterized by facial expressions finely engraved on metal supports or enamel.
    Refined and chic, elegant or romantic, vintage or sportive, etiquette or eccentric, each Carosa has its own style: it will be really funny to identify what most reflects you!


    Ops Objects was founded in 2010 as an international fashion design project and today it is one of the leading companies rapidly expanding in Italy.
    Starting from the brand’s places of origin that has developed creativity, Milan, Hong Kong and Geneva, and from the experience in making watches, Ops Objects has developed ideas in fashion & accessories jewels that represent a turning point in the market .
    The Oops bracelets and watches presented in Opera Italiana Jewellery’s online shop are really special, breaking the mold of the classic wrist jewellery. Colourful, fun, with an unusual design, they are suitable for flighty, solar, sparkling and youth personalities who do not give up on the quality of the products they wear.
    Among the jewels signed Oops, the bracelets are available in different variants. The best-selling classic model, which said the brand, is characterized by a nice sweater chain that includes a pendant in a heart’s shape houndstooth textured, made in multiple colours, all in line with the trends, to fit perfectly in any look.
    A variant of this model presents instead a floral pattern on the heart, while maintaining the use of a wide palette of colours.
    There is also a further model in which the heart pendant is illuminated by mounted stones that give it a touch of sophistication.
    Finally, for those who love to adorn themselves with charms, here is the bracelet with knit rolò and five multicoloured coins with different subjects represented on them, it’s very friendly and outgoing.
    Ops watches are certainly high quality watches, but to see them you could really ask you if they can not be considered rightly even bracelets. Their special design makes it really dim the distinction between the two accessories. They recall the decorations that are also found in bracelets: dials patterned houndstooth, floreal, encrusted with coloured stones, all available in a wide range of colours that makes them perfect to wear on any occasion.
    There are also special versions such as those with dial polka dots, delicate and refined, or those with dial studded with sparkling crystals that give a touch of elegance.
    Finally, for a hostile sportier, Ops offers decoration camouflage.
    Consult the online catalogue and buy an Ops Objects jewel.

  • TATU'

    Fearless features original and colourful bracelets-tatoo that seem to become one with your skin like a tattoo.
    'Tatù' is their first product and it is dedicated to women. With these beautiful bracelets the company tries to raise awareness of an issue and a constant increase: the violence against them. The sale of the bracelets supports projects for the preservation and protection of women victims of violence, but also of all those people that revolve around the woman, like children.
    The bracelets are entirely made in Italy, affordable and made with great care regarding materials of quality to ensure a fashionable, practical and stylish accessory. There are bracelets in different colours and materials: rubber, shiny, glittery, in particular tissues ...
    The traditional Tatù line for women has recently been joined by the line of unisex bracelets 'His & Hers' ideal for the male audience. Opera Italiana Jewellery offers in its online store the entire collection of bracelets 'Tatù'.
    If you want a lovely and particular bracelet to support an important social project, then you just have to buy a 'Tatù' product: do it now on Opera Italiana Jewellery’s store!

  • UNO DE 50

    The jewellery Uno de 50 were born in Spain from the fusion of the creative spirit of young designers and the expert goldsmith’s skill.
    Uno DE 50 is the leading jewellery industry, that never offers trivial collections, but always present and surprising creations. The name refers to the initial idea of ​​the company to produce only fifty pieces for each model so that whoever bought it would become just 'one of 50'.
    Each jewel is entirely crafts made in Madrid and brings with it the wonderful Spanish atmosphere: the cities, the warmth of the sun, the beaches, the islands, the encounter between cultures.
    Wearing jewellery Uno DE 50 attracts the eye on you, you're young at heart, careful to trends and never boring. Italian Opera Jewellery selected for you a wide range of products in the catalog Uno de 50; the most innovative, original and special!
    Wearing a Uno DE 50 jewel means asserting their personality without being determined by the fashions of the moment. Choose the jewel suitable for you or as a gift fore someone you care about and buy now in the Opera Italiana Jewellery's store.


    Chrysalis Jewelry, after the amazing success in the United States and Northern Europe, finally in Italy. Bracelets, necklaces, Chrysalis rings, each one with it's own meaning, to give positive and good luck in your life.
    Every one today wants to have a life full of meaning, whatever the belief or tradition. That's why every piece of the Chrysalis collection, adorned with talismans, lucky charm pendants, and spiritual symbols, is soaked with energy and spirituality to bring love and light to your life.
    Among the Chrysalis jewels find the Talismans, Life, Good Fortune series ... buying or gift a jewel Chrysalis, means strength and happiness to those who are in your heart.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 1678 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 1678 items